Carbomer 940 Polymer Gel Thickening Agent Cosmetic Grade (Carbopol/Polygel 940)



Carbomer 940 /Carbopol 940

Fine and free flowing powder. High grade pharmaceutical / cosmetic grade Gel Thickening Agent Cosmetic / high pharmaceutical grade

Please note that carbomer 940 only requires 0.3% – 1% w/w ratio to get a decent thick gel so a 25g bag should make about 2.5KG – 7.5KG, you don’t need much powder.

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Polyacrylic acid and its derivatives are used in disposable diapers, ion exchange resins, adhesives and detergents. Detergents are often copolymers of acrylic acid that can be used in both zeolites and phosphates in washing powder formulations. They are also popular as thickening, dispersing, suspending, and emulsifying agents in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and paints. Cross-linked polyacrylic acid has also been used in the processing of household products, including floor cleaners. Acrylic acid is also the main component of Superadsorbent Polymers (SAPs), cross-linked polyacrylates that can absorb and retain more than 100 times of their own weight in liquid. PAA may inactivate the antiseptic chlorhexidine gluconate. The neutralized polyacrylic acid gels are suitable to obtain biocompatible matrices for medical applications such as gels for skin care or skin disease treatment products. PAA films can be deposited on orthopaedic implants to protect them from corrosion. Crosslinked hydrogels of AA and gelatin have also been used as medical glue, which has a high bonding strength. For the development of polymeric matrices which allows controlled delivery rate of active substances, the recent investigations aimed towards the clarification of the conformational changes of the polymeric gel during neutralization, light irradiation, and embedment of gold nanoparticles. The US Food and Drug Administration authorised the use of SAPs in packaging with indirect food contact.

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